Monkland Fuel Syndicate

Thanks for everyone's support of our little syndicate. We've now had two deliveries and those taking part have been very pleased with the savings.
However, as we are a small village we've already realised that we need a more efficient way of coordinating our requirements. So far people have been phoning Lynn Hanley and then she rings round to see if anyone else needs fuel. As you can imagine this takes a long time and runs up a phone bill for her. What we'd like to try for the future is firstly, for everyone who has e-mail to let Lynn know your details.Secondly, we think it would be more cost effective to aim to order oil perhaps just four times a year. This would mean we were all planning our orders at the same time and getting ourselves into a regular pattern.

Proposed dates would be:-

1. End of April (mini top up to last over summer).
2. August (biggest order to fill tanks when prices are traditionally at their cheapest).
3. End of November (top up to see us through the worst of winter).
4. Beginning of February (top up again to get to spring).

If everyone knows the dates, then the week or so before, we can all let Lynn know how much we need for that delivery. If no fuel is needed then there will be no need to contact Lynn. Once she has the prices she can let as many people know as possible by e-mail and await confirmation for our orders.
We hope this will get us settled into a workable pattern that will be easier to run. Obviously we are very new at this and we may need to tweak it again but hopefully this will be a good start!

Lynn's e-mail is

Monkland Bulk Fuel Purchasing.

Last month (Nov 2012), following our initial article in the news letter, local residents started a bulk fuel purchase group to try and save money on our domestic heating oil bills. Several residents contacted Lynn Hanley as they were interested in the scheme. The week after our last newsletter we had quite a few ready for a delivery and several others who would like to join in when their tanks allowed.

Initially Lynn rang 10 different suppliers trying to get the best quote. Prices varied between 64.98p per litre to 58.9p per litre. Quite a range, which surprised us. Obviously we went with the lowest, this was Watson's, and in fact they were keen for our business and were prepared to beat our previous lowest quote of 58.95p. None of the other firms had been bothered when they knew they weren't the lowest.

After confirming all were happy with this we rang back Watson's to proceed. They made everything very simple. After sending them a spread sheet of interested parties' names, addresses and telephone numbers, they contacted everyone direct for confirmation of amounts and payment. The following morning the first five neighbours had had their delivery by 8.30am! The rest had their deliveries as they had been contacted and payment taken...not everyone was at home during the day and so Watson's had rung some people in the evening.

So far there have only been positive comments as to how it all went and so we hope that in the New Year, if residents think they'll need another delivery, that we can organise it again. The final tally of oil ordered this time was 7500 litres and we think on a 1000 litre order the saving was about £20. Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick!